Sunday, October 26, 2008

My favorite character in the Crucible is Reverend Hale because he went from believing in the court system to hating the court system. Reverend Hale I thought was actually a pretty good person, especially once he got over the pathetic pretending of the girls. My least favorite character was Parris because he was selfish and wanted to have all the fame as a Pastor. He was only interesred in making his church richer in gold candles and had to have it his way. He did however had a half decent turn aroung at the end when he wanted Rebecca and John to be let go.


ElliottHyde said...

My favorite charicter is John Proctor just for the fact that in the beginig of the story he was some one we the reader would not expect to do anything. Although in the end of this story he only wanted to please Elizabeth, and stand up for what he believed in.

bigprettyKEVIN ROSS said...

My favorite character in the play/ movie is john proctor for a few reasons. I liked how john grows to become a better man in the story, he starts out a cheater and grows to be a man who is willing to die for his name, and not “snitch” on his friends. By doing this he teaches his sons how to act and be like men.